Self Pouring, Service & Loyalty.

Boost efficiency, streamline processes, and skyrocket revenues. Delight customers by ending waiting times, all the while ensuring social distancing.

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Sales Growth

One Pour At A Time

Having perfected the self-pouring technology, we are empowering businesses – pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, and event managers – to serve and sell their way to success.


Personalised Promotions

Transform client and purchase data into valuable insights that you can segment and use to create individualised marketing campaigns instantly.


Grow your business

Self service, self pouring and mobile apps are built to enhance loyalty to your brand. Diyon's modular system means you can add what you need and leave what you don't!


The best way to serve customers has arrived

Our unique self pouring technology provides customers with a second-to-none experience, whilst maximising profits and improving customer flow. Watch the video below showing our bottom fill kiosk in action!


Trusted by bars & restaurants worldwide

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people drink. Here's what our customers have got to say about us...

"Self pouring has changed our bar"

60% of our wet sales comes from our self-pour tap wall which is overseen by one person. The other 40% of alcohol revenue is from our traditional bar, which takes 4 staff to run.

James Stanbrook
The results have been incredible!

We installed a self service tap wall in the bar after the pandemic. I'm thrilled with the uptake. So much so we'd like to install another!

Jane Franco
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