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Diyon is an industry-leading self-pour technology company on a mission to empower businesses – pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, and event managers – to grow, all the while delighting customers by cutting down waiting times and making drinking fun – again!  

 We offer businesses innovative solutions to grow seamlessly with our next-generating self-pouring technology and a suite of products, ranging from exclusive subscriptions to advanced NFC payment systems.

what we set out to achieve

Our mission

Having had enough of the long waiting times to get our drinks, the inefficiencies at our favourite bars and pubs, and the unnecessary wastage as well as high touch points leading to contaminated places, we decided to take matters into our own hands.


How We Started

“What if we could automate the entire process using self-pouring systems,” we thought to ourselves. That would be a win-win situation for all. Businesses could streamline operations, cut back on costs, maintain less inventory, and hire fewer employees. On the other hand, customers wouldn’t have to wait for ages to get their drinks as they can simply self-pour without a care in the world.

And so, we got to work, fusing together our love for technology and drinks, to build an innovative and advanced self-pouring technology, offering an effective solution to businesses and customers.

Fast-forward to today, Core Pay has become a trend setter in self-service that’s continuing to set the bar higher.


Everything we do at Core Pay is shaped by our five core values of:

Continuous Innovation

We continuously optimize our processes and technology, setting the bar higher.


At Core Pay, we prioritize exceeding our customers’ expectations, every single time.


Staying real and doing the right thing even when no one’s looking. That’s what makes us who we are.


Our diverse and inclusive team is the integral reason behind our success.maximum uptime.


Committed to doing right by the people and planet, we embrace eco-friendly practices.


We play nice and love working with other companies. Get in touch if you want to be part of the revolution!


Trusted by bars & restaurants worldwide

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people drink. Here's what our customers have got to say about us...

"Self pouring has changed our bar"

60% of our wet sales comes from our self-pour tap wall which is overseen by one person. The other 40% of alcohol revenue is from our traditional bar, which takes 4 staff to run.

James Stanbrook
The results have been incredible!

We installed a self service tap wall in the bar after the pandemic. I'm thrilled with the uptake. So much so we'd like to install another!

Jane Franco
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