What we do

Drink Vend

Drink Vend is our automated self-service solution for bars and events. Customers can pour their own drinks, pay and top up. This increases productivity and revenues. Nice!


Our retail and hospitality POS solutions are designed for easy use. Manage customers, deliveries, employees, invoices and appointments in one. Our loyalty solutions are second to none.

Mobile Apps

Increase customer loyalty and brand engagement by having your very own branded app. Whether it’s for self-service drinks or ordering, we can help.

Virtual Terminals

Virtual terminals allow you to run your business from anywhere. Take card payments instantly in person or over the phone, and provide professional receipts. 

Data Analytics

The data analytics platform allows you to keep an eye on your business 24/7 using mobile or the web. Our reporting functions allow you to manage sales, inventory and payments seamlessly. 

Invoices & Pay-links

Invoices and checkout links allow you to get paid on the move. Improve cash flow by invoicing straight away and we’ll do the reconciling for you. Users can pay from their account using unique links.

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Self-service kiosk

Customers can use self-service kiosks with orders sent directly to the kitchen


Mobile POS

A unique mobile POS where staff can take orders and payments from anywhere 


Point Of Sale

All your orders in one easy-to-use system including JustEat and Deliveroo

Loyalty Cards


Increase customer loyalty by using your own branded cards. Brand awareness and cash flow are also improved.



Your very own branded mobile apps to control customer top-ups, payments and ordering. 

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Fully integrated POS and MPOS solutions with inventory management

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Review and create timesheets, attendance and holidays.