Self Service
and ordering

Enhance productivity, benefit from huge cost savings, and delight your customers by ensuring they never have to wait for service again.


Ordering Done Right

Get more sales, increase average order size, enhance customer engagement, and drive repeat business – all at once.

Embrace Diyon’s advanced all-in-one mobile ordering system.



Customers have full control over their orders with Diyon kiosks, which allows them to explore and select at their leisure. Orders get delivered straight to the kitchen, meaning no manual input.

This translates to a larger average order value, faster service, and happier customers. Additionally, your food business will generate more long-term revenue.


Multi-Purpose Ordering System


Offering coupons, promotions, or loyalty rewards to delight customers and get their repeat business. Check.


Online ordering from multiple channels, including various websites and apps, for all that you offer. Check.


Self service innovation to reduce waiting times and elevate the drinking experience. Check.

Fully Integrated

Core pay’s holistic ecosystem offers it all to your business. Apps, Website & In-store. Check.


Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations

Your customers want the convenience of ordering online without any stress and hassle. They also love coupons, promotions, and loyalty rewards – everything that helps them save money whilst making them feel valued.

Diyon offers all that and much more to you through our mobile ordering system.


Trusted by bars & restaurants worldwide

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people drink. Here's what our customers have got to say about us...

"Self pouring has changed our bar"

60% of our wet sales comes from our self-pour tap wall which is overseen by one person. The other 40% of alcohol revenue is from our traditional bar, which takes 4 staff to run.

James Stanbrook
The results have been incredible!

We installed a self service tap wall in the bar after the pandemic. I'm thrilled with the uptake. So much so we'd like to install another!

Jane Franco
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