Sustainability As A Service

Wave goodbye to single-use items, wastage, and lost revenue. Sustainability-as-a-service allows you to monitor at a granular level and reduce your business' environmental impact.


Go Green

Using Diyon's bespoke green tech, your business can become environmentally friendly instantly. It's easy, intuitive and good for the environment!


Green Initiatives

Your business becomes more environmentally friendly with your customers praising you for it. Monitor and track your waste figure, whilst charging those most culpable.

Reduce your business' impact on the environment utilising our unique "track and charge" system, all whilst reducing your overheads.

Why Self Pour?

Delivering business bliss


Improve your revenue through better customer flow. Multiple customer can pour simultaneously, multiplying your earning potential.

Cash Flow

You get paid when the customer tops up their wallet, dramatically improving your cashflow and enabling you to negotiate better deals.


Our systems cut waste to less than 3%. Stop pouring away your profits and join the self service revolution.


Eco-Proof Your Business

Our green tech makes your business more environmentally friendly. Empower your customers to make choices that are good for the environment - locally and globally.

Top Up

Patrons top up their wallet through the app or loyalty card. Recieve the money upfront, improving your cashflow.

Pour Drinks

Customer can use their credits to pour drinks or pay for food and events. Reduce overheads by over 45%


Customers enjoy their drinks whilst you sit back and enjoy the minimum wastage and a huge profit increase!


Trusted by bars & restaurants worldwide

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people drink. Here's what our customers have got to say about us...

"Self pouring has changed our bar"

60% of our wet sales comes from our self-pour tap wall which is overseen by one person. The other 40% of alcohol revenue is from our traditional bar, which takes 4 staff to run.

James Stanbrook
The results have been incredible!

We installed a self service tap wall in the bar after the pandemic. I'm thrilled with the uptake. So much so we'd like to install another!

Jane Franco
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